February ’24 Update

Here’s a little update on our lives here at Flotsam Farm

2023 was a fruitful year full of music, garden produce, and community events, and this year promises more of the same!

Our darling daughter Zea is 3 and a half and loving life. Eric plays in 3 bands and started a record label and recording studio. I am milking goats, drawing, screenprinting, and reading some great books. Our cat population is up to 4, and we are holding steady at 2 dogs. One of our ducks hatched out 10 babies this fall, and we have 1 goat kid so far with 3 more mammas due. We are planning next year’s garden as we feast on home-grown produce from our freezer, cellar, and pantry.

We host a weekly gathering called the Sycamore Salon as well as yoga classes, sound healing, sweat lodges, float trips, and music parties. This year I am seriously pursuing grant funding to deepen and sustain our community work. You can read more about our projects and show your support at the fundraiser link below. I’m also including a list of our upcoming events- we’d love to see you here!

We want to send out profound thanks and gratitude to everyone who donated, jammed, danced, cooked, did dishes, hung out, had fun, played, slumber partied at the Flotsam Farm 24 Hour Rock-a-thon Fundraiser ! The event was a huge success by any measure! We rocked for 24 hours, we had a blast, and we raised money for Flotsam Farm’s community programming for 2024! You can watch the recorded livestream of almost the entire event on our Flotsam Farm page.

So far we have raised $1625 via GoFundMe and $992 in cash, for a current total of $2,617! Thank you so much!!! AND THE FUNDRAISER IS STILL GOING! You can still donate via GoFundMe, or in-person here at Flotsam Farm.

The Sycamore Salon at Flotsam Farm

5 p.m. Thursdays, potluck meal followed by:

2/29 Amber Johnson “Biological Toxins: Effects and Remedies”
3/7 Chelsea Tolton “Dormant Season Twig Identification”
3/14 Trivia Night with Jeffrey and Kalani
3/21 Brooks Blevins “How to Talk Ozark in 7 Simple Steps”
3/28 Scot D. Young Poetry Reading
Yoga with Amber 4 p.m. 1st and 3rd WednesdaysSound Healing with Chaye 3 p.m. first Wednesday

Also save the date for:

Sweat Lodge 11 a.m. March 16
Solar Eclipse Weekend Campout: We’ll have 2 minutes of total darkness on April 8!
9th Annual Slacker Solstice Party/ Music Fest/ Float Trip June 21-23
3rd Annual Garloween Garlic Planting Halloween Party late October

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