About Us

Project stewards Amelia LaMair and Eric Tumminia are both lifelong residents of the Missouri Ozarks who graduated from Truman State University in rural Northeast Missouri.

Amelia has a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology. She takes special interest in quality of life and studying how culture can affect social change. Raised by artists, she has had a lifelong love of nature.

Eric taught college English for over 10 years and has played music and been an active community leader since he was a teenager. Growing up, his parents taught him the value of growing food and enjoying the rivers and lakes.

Eric and Amelia moved to Ozark County in 2011. Over the years, their vision of Flotsam Farm has evolved to become much more than a small organic farm as they came to understand the immense value and impact of building community. We (Eric Tumminia and Amelia LaMair) maintain the Flotsam Farm Community Building, organize free inclusive events, and support and promote related projects. We also make our own music and art, tend plants and animals, and raise our daughter!